The first time Jay Frasier took a drink, he was 15 years old. At the time, he thought he had discovered the world. He thought that booze had saved his life. At the very end of his drinking, he realized however that it was the very thing that was killing him.

Jay has attended an AA meeting for the last 38 years, run by a union electrician. It was when that union electrician asked Jay if he would like to take it over, when the course of his life changed forever.

Jay has been sober for 22 years now.

“I met Jay when he was just coming out of his time,” said Lou Antonellis, Business Manager for Local IBEW 103. “Me and Jay spent a lot of time together before we got into our respective jobs, and talked about how we were sick and tired of going to wakes and funerals for young members who couldn’t get the help that they needed.”

Jay took it upon himself to be that source of support for those were in a position he was in not too long ago. He wakes up everyday to battle for the members of Local 103, to show them that there is so much to live for, to be proud of, to fight for.

It is because of Jay that many Local IBEW 103 members who once felt lost and hopeless, now have a purpose and a passion.

It is also why Jay was awarded the 2019 IBEW Hour Power Journeyman/Business Agent of the Year.

Learn more about Jay’s powerful story here.


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