Jerome Miller had always wanted to be the guy he needed when he was growing up. Refusing to believe that he was a product of his environment, Jerome took his experience of growing up in a city in disarray, and used it as a learning, and teaching opportunity.

Jerome joined the IBEW as a 20-year kid simply looking for a summer job. Little did he know how very much of an impact it would have on his life, and the lives of others.

Jerome was a journeyman for 11 years before he started teaching part-time. His passion for molding and mentoring young minds was apparent in the way he interacted with his students, inspiring them to try harder, dig deeper and discover what their purpose was.

“He has that thing that you just can’t put your finger on,” said David Springham, Journeyman and Training Coordinator for Local IBEW 24. “It’s that x-factor; he just genuinely loves it.”

So much so in fact, that when offered another position as an assistant business manager, Jerome turned it down. His heart belonged in the classroom, with his students.

“There are so many people who probably grew up in East Baltimore who know Jerome, who see Jerome, and when they think of Jerome they think of him as a father, as a husband, an an instructor, as a journeyman electrician, “ said Cory McCray, Journeyman/Business Agent with Local IBEW 24. “If there’s someone to model, they know that that’s who they would like to model.”

For those reasons and many more, Jerome Miller is more than deserving of his award of the 2019 IBEW Hour Power Instructor of the Year.

Learn more about his incredible story here.


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