In honor of Veteran’s Day, we’re sharing the fourth episode of Band of Brotherhood, featuring Skyler Prochnow. Skyler is in the Idaho Army National Guard, as well as an apprentice from IBEW Local 354.

When Skyler was just 11 years old, his father was deployed to Iraq for 18 months. Despite the difficult situation, from that day on Skyler knew he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps. Skyler joined the Idaho Army National Guard to be in the same unit with his dad. His brother also joined, so all three of them are in the same battery and platoon.

The beauty of the national guard is that it allowed Skyler the opportunity to have a civilian career, which was the electrical trade. When he first found it, he didn’t know the difference between union and non-union. On the non-union side, he was bouncing from company to company, and the schedule was demanding. When Skyler put the time in and found the IBEW, it was a godsend for him. Not only did it fit in with his guard schedule, but it lifted financial burdens without having to work unreal hours.

Michael Lanoue, Assistant Training Director, Utah Electrical Training Alliance, said, “Bringing an attitude like Skyler out in the field, it definitely motivates the rest of the team. If you got a good attitude on the team, it’s going to bring up the whole team and help you accomplish that goal.”

Coming into the apprenticeship program, being a veteran like Skyler, is a very smooth transition. They know what’s expected of them, they know when they need to report for school and work. They do so as instructed. At IBEW Local 354 in particular, they’re very invested in the brothers and sisters in the apprenticeship.

The IBEW brought Skyler a purpose. It’s allowed him to create friendships and connections, and he’s happy being his true self. Another hobby of Skyler’s is duck hunting. It teaches things other hobbies don’t. It gives him the recipe to know how to better himself in whatever he does. In the trades, there’s always something he won’t know, and there will always be someone who’s more skilled. But, what the IBEW brings is someone you can always count on.

The IBEW opened Skyler’s eyes to the fact that someone will always be there for you, and it’s changed his life.

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Kenny Cooper

IBEW International President Kenny Cooper has been working with the IBEW Hour Power team since he was appointed International President in 2023. President Cooper creates short videos entitled “President’s Message” to bring important announcements and inspirational messages right to your computer screen.

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