Join us in honoring Daniel Cooper, the 2024 IBEW Instructor of the Year! With over a decade of service to IBEW Local 317 out of Huntington, WV, Daniel exemplifies excellence, dedication, and mentorship.

From Whitfield, Virginia, Daniel’s passion for teaching and shaping the future of the electrical industry shines through his work. His experience and dedication to his students’ success make him an inspiration for apprentices and seasoned linemen alike.

Daniel went from serving as a skilled lineman to becoming a revered instructor. His innovative teaching methods, focus on safety, and commitment to his students have made him a beloved figure at the ALBAT facility and in the greater IBEW community.

Daniel’s guidance has transformed apprentices into confident professionals ready to tackle field challenges. His dedication to instilling technical knowledge and values of integrity, teamwork, and leadership sets him apart as a true leader in the electrical industry.

Join us as we celebrate Daniel Cooper’s contributions to the next generation of outside professionals and learn why he is truly deserving of the title IBEW Instructor of the Year.


Rhiannon Manzi

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