Meet Manny Acuna, whose journey from the diverse streets of Los Angeles to the heights of the Air Force embodies the relentless pursuit of dreams and excellence. Straight out of high school, Manny sought adventure and a means to fund his education, leading him to enlist in the Air Force.

Manny worked in the Air Force as an Egress Technician, specializing in the ejection system for fighter and bomber aircraft. While he excelled in his military career, the longing for more time with his family grew stronger with each passing day.

Stepping away from the military was a leap into the unknown, but for Manny, it was a leap worth taking. In joining IBEW Local 1547, he found a new passion in the magic of electricity. As an apprentice, Manny’s natural leadership and discipline, honed through years of service, shone brightly.

Veterans like Manny bring a wealth of invaluable skills to the table – from their adeptness in following a chain of command to their unwavering commitment to teamwork. Their soft skills, including punctuality and accountability, are ingrained in their character, making them indispensable assets to any organization, especially the IBEW.

Join Manny and countless other veterans in shaping the future of the electrical industry. Together, let’s illuminate pathways to success and harness the power of experience, dedication, and camaraderie for the benefit of all.


Rhiannon Manzi

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