Experience the transformative vision of The Stacks, a mixed-use endeavor taking shape in the heart of Buzzard Point, Washington, D.C. Stretching across two city blocks and encompassing a staggering 2 million square feet, this monumental project integrates residential, retail, hospitality, and potential office spaces.

NPS The Stacks


This project is funded by the National Real Estate Advisors, a subsidiary of the National Electrical Benefit Fund, dedicated to channeling IBEW and NECA trust fund money into impactful real estate ventures nationwide. The Stacks stands as a testament to their mission, aiming to breathe new life into local neighborhoods through strategic real estate development.

Venturing into what was once an industrialized and overlooked part of Washington, D.C., National is reshaping the landscape by introducing modern amenities and residences, fostering a tighter-knit community infused with the charm of historic D.C. design elements. Moreover, The Stacks is a beacon of opportunity, generating IBEW jobs and contributing to the city’s growth.

Together, IBEW Local 26 and FreeState Electric are skillfully implementing cutting-edge electrical systems throughout The Stacks project. The expertise provided by the IBEW is crucial in executing unique properties such as this one. Join us as we celebrate the fusion of innovation, community revitalization, and skilled craftsmanship in the heart of the nation’s capital in today’s video!


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