Buckingham Manufacturing has come out with a new handline hook, the gated rated handline hook. Watch this episode of Watts New to learn about product features and benefits.

Presented by Chris Delavera from Buckingham Manufacturing.

View the Gated Rated Handline Hook on the Buckingham Manufacturing website.

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Transcript – Gated Rated Handline Hook

Hello, my name is Chris Delavera and I am the Vice President of Sales at Buckingham Manufacturing. I am here to talk a little bit about a new product that we just came out with, the Gated Rated Handline Hook.

As most linemen know, this is the current configuration of the handline hook as we know it today. It has a working load of anywhere between 500 and 1,000 lbs. and there is no gate that locks it in place.

What we were able to accomplish with the new handline hook, is a new hook that has a gate that locks open so that it can be used similarly to the handline hook that can be used today as well as being able to lock your load to prevent it from disengaging and falling. Lock your load to keep it safely in place. This hook also offers a 5,000 lb. connector to use to facilitate a rescue. If I had a guy working on a tower and he had a harness on, I would just hook this to the dorsal attachment on the victim and lower him safely to the ground.

I can also use this on pole top rescue, instead of tying three half inches around the chest, I just pull the rope around the chest, lock it in place, and then lower the victim on this. There are a lot of neat features about this product, the Gated Rated Handline Hook is not available by Buckingham Manufacturing.


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