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Have you run into the problem of getting fish tape to stop exactly where you need it to stop? In today’s IBEWHourPower.com job tip, a journeyman electrician from Kansas City’s IBEW 124 demonstrates how to effectively and safely stop fish tape at a desired location only using a coupling, a pipe plug and a reducing bushing. Job Tips are sponsored by Klein Tools. If you have a tip of your own, send it in to us.

Job Tips are sponsored by Klein Tools

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Transcript – Fish Tape – Job Tip

Hi I’m Justin Brockway with Kansas City’s electricians local 124. Today I’d like to show you a safe and effective way to stop a fish tape at a desired location using a coupling, a pipe plug and a reducing bushing. Let me show you. You first start by locating your empty conduit take your reducing bushing and tread it on to the existing threads that are showing. And then take your ridged coupling and put that on your reducing bushing. Now you are ready to push your fish tape. Once the fish tape has stopped at location you can pull the coupling loose and take your fish tape and install your wires.

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