Prevent wire abrasion by using THHN as a makeshift roller bar. When pulling conductors, you see the chance of abrading the conductors on the fitting. To create a makeshift roller bar, take a piece of solid THHN and place it through the holes that are in each 4 inch square box. Tighten the THHN, wrapping it around itself to create a taut barrier. This will prevent the conductors from abrading against the metal fitting.

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Transcript – Wire Roller

Hi I’m Shon Lee from Local 124, Kansas City, MO. I have a hint that hopefully will help while you’re working out in the field. A lot of times while you are pulling conductors by yourself the conductors with abrade on the fitting. To prevent this from happening, take a piece of solid THHN and place it through the holes that are in every 4 inch square box. Tighten up the THHN to create a convenient roller bar, keeping your wires from abrading on the fitting. I hope this hint helps you while you are working out in the field. Thanks!




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