The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus, or EWMC, meets every January to promote equal opportunity and employment, cultivate leadership skills, encourage minorities to become activists within their own communities, give back to the local community, and so much more.

Whether you are a first time attendee or have been going since the EWMC started, everyone who attends leaves inspired and energized. All are welcome and encouraged to join the EWMC. To learn more, visit www.ibew-ewmc.org.

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The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus

Hi, thanks for stopping in for an IBEW Hour Power News Brief, I’m Matthew Walton.

The Electrical Workers Minority Caucus, known as the EWMC, is a great organization that promotes equal opportunity and employment for minorities at all levels of the IBEW structure.

The EWMC Conferences foster leadership development and empower minorities to become active participants and leaders in the IBEW.

This year’s conference was in Anaheim, California and we were able to spend a little time a couple of the attendees.

Epifenio Martinez: EWMC Executive Committee, Local 111 Business Manager

“These conferences are jam packed, the expectation is that the individuals attend everything from start to finish. We work very diligently and hard to get as much information in a short amount of time as we possibly can.”

Laura Walsh: EWMC Attendee, Local 111

“The theme of the conference that came out as we were listing to speakers and as the conference went on was that we are all of our brothers and sisters keeper. You need to look out for your brother or sister everyday no matter who they are. If you know them, if you don’t. We’re all in this together and we need to look out for each other.”

It was a great moment for Epifenio Martinez to be sworn in as the new Business Manager of Local 111 by President Lonnie Stephenson. Martinez has been a part of the EWMC for many years.

Epifenio Martinez: EWMC Executive Committee, Local 111 Business Manager

“I’m still living off the high I got from my first conference. The moving experience I had then has perpetuated all the way until now. It’s allowed me to go forward and make the biggest impact in the labor movement that I can.”

Laura Walsh: EWMC Attendee, Local 111

“Being a woman in the IBEW is pretty great and not as uncommon as you may think. I met so many strong women that are lineman, inside electricians. Whatever you can think of the women are out there doing it and that’s really cool to see.”

Epifenio Martinez: EWMC Executive Committee, Local 111 Business Manager

“The EWMC is all inclusive. It’s an organization that accepts anyone and everyone. These conferences are unlike any conference I’ve ever been to with the IBEW or with anything in general. The brotherhood, the sisterhood. Handshakes, hugs. This is truly what the IBEW is all about.”

What a wonderful conference. If you want to join the EWMC, attend a conference, or start your own Chapter – just head to www.ibew-ewmc.org for more information.

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Until next time, I’m Matthew Walton.


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