The new long-nose wire strippers were designed for electrical and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, HVAC, applications. Klein Tools

Klein Tools wanted to incorporate the accurate stripping range that both fields would use.

The features on this tool include the Klein Kurve handle design, insulated and non insulated terminals, 10 to 20 stripping holes, and the long-nose with a tight grip.

The long-nose with a tight grip helps when grabbing thermostat wires, and there is a rib on it to reinforce the head. The rib is an engineering feature that helps the tool not flex as much. It adds rigidity so the tool lasts longer.

This new tool is more compact than older versions, and with all the new features makes it a superior product and a better value for users. To learn more about, visit Klein Tools’ website.


Lonnie Stephenson

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