Jebediah Novak

Ever find yourself in need of a bigger sized knockout on an existing knockout but find yourself without a knockout punch? Jebediah Novak from Local 405 out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City has the solution!

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Transcript – How to Increase the Size of an Existing Knockout

Hi, my name is Jebediah Novak, I’m a third generation wireman with local 405, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City. I’m an instructor with the Cedar Rapids Electrical JATC and today I have job tip to help you.

Where we have a pre-existing knockout in an enclosure and we need to increase the size of the knockout to accommodate for a larger sized conduit, however we don’t have the ideal tool, which would be a knockout punch. Instead, we are going to have to use a hole saw.

What we can do is lay out where we want our new hole to go, get a piece of scrap 2×4 and pre-drill a hole using your hole saw to fit the size conduit that we are going with. Then, lock the backside with a piece of wood, that gives out pilot bit something to go into. Then we will line up our template. You may want to put a couple lines in there to keep an eye on where you are at. Grab a clamp and clamp the piece of wood into position. Now my 2×4 will act as a guide to allow me to drill my knockout. Now, we are ready to accommodate our two-inch conduit.

Hopefully this job tip will help you on the job site and make your next installation a little easier.

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