For many, Las Vegas is a travel destination for gambling, nightlife, pool lounging, and unique performances. This means a lot of electrical work for the ever-changing strip and off, something IBEW apprentices like Melenie Zavala have realized and are taking advantage of. To become a more confident apprentice, Melenie is not afraid to ask questions. “I’m here to learn”, she says, setting a great example for members and colleagues around her. She knows that you get out of the IBEW what you put into it, so she has put her all into absorbing all the information she can. As an apprentice, others would describe Melenie as a “giver” and “dedicated” to her apprenticeship, two attributes that set her apart.

Melenie’s dedication to the IBEW and her local community is obvious. She is involved in multiple Local 357 committees and truly feels like the IBEW gave her a purpose when she was unsure of her direction. Furthermore, the members of Local 357 have become her family and given her a place to feel like she belongs. 

It’s for these reasons, and countless others, that Melenie was nominated and selected as the 2022 IBEW Hour Power Apprentice of the Year! Congratulations to Melenie, an IBEW member with limitless potential and a promising future – learn more about Melenie and her place in the brotherhood in today’s feature!


Rhiannon Manzi

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