Led by International Vice President, Brent Hall, the 17 locals of IBEW’s 10th District banded together to create two pivotal district-wide agreements that give their contractors a competitive edge when bidding for work. And as we know, a competitive edge for our contractors means more IBEW men and women put to work.


The 10th District Recovery Agreement allows for a competitive one to eight manpower ratio, it expands the scope of work to all sectors of the electrical industry, and it offers flexible shifts and full portability, allowing a contractor’s workforce to move freely throughout the four states. 

They also implemented an unprecedented Prefabrication Agreement, fully embracing the wave of the future as more and more customers see the value in assembling complex structures offsite. 

The locals of District 10 were honest with themselves, and took matters into their own hands by creating agreements that made them and their contractor partners more deadly in the bidding wars. And it’s already paying dividends.


Rhiannon Manzi

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