At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Rick Munch had a front row seat as a Navy Sailor on board the USS Observation Island, testing the launch of Polaris missiles at sea in preparation for Soviet Union escalation.

As one might expect, military service of any kind has a way of sharpening leadership skills in the completion of a task or mission; skills that translate well in many veterans who transition into civilian life and within the IBEW.

As a 52-year member of the IBEW, Rick recently retired, but he continues to instruct at the New Orleans apprenticeship school, passing down his knowledge and experience to Local 130 apprentices. In this sixth installment of IBEW Hour Power’s Band of Brotherhood series, we learn about his service to our country, what brotherhood means to him, and why the IBEW is made stronger through members like Rick.

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Rhiannon Manzi

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