The IBEW Business Development Department works tirelessly to help our locals win projects large and small, so our men and women can continue to turn the screws that supply essential power to our communities and businesses. 

In today’s News Brief we’re in the 6th district where IBEW Local 531 out of La Porte, Indiana gears up for a monumental solar power construction job. The Dunn’s Bridge Solar project is close to breaking ground on a two-phase endeavor that will involve installations of an estimated 2.4 million solar panels. When all is said and done, Business Manager Jim Clarida says this massive project will generate enough power for over 200,000 households in Indiana’s Jasper County.  With the Code of Excellence on their side, IBEW members in Indiana are prepared to meet the high customer service standard and put their state on the map as a leader in renewable energy.

Take an in-depth look at the Dunn’s Bridge Solar project in this edition of Business Development News Briefs. And a special thank you to our local leaders, business development departments, and YOU for tuning in.


Rhiannon Manzi

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