Jebediah Novak

When installing a spring nut to a perforated strut, spring nuts often have a tendency to pop back through the perforation. Jebediah Novak of the Cedar Rapids Electrical JATC and IBEW 405 shows you how to avoid this issue and make your spring nut installation easier, use a flexible piece of duct strap along the perforated edge to create a barrier so your spring nut won’t pop back through the perforation!

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Transcript – Job Tip: Easy Spring Nut Installation

Hi, my name is Jebediah Novak, I’m an instructor with the Cedar Rapids Electrical JATC and a member of IBEW 405 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City.

Today I’ve got a job tip for you that will help you install spring nuts on perforated strut a little easier. A problem we often encounter when trying to install a spring nut on a piece of perforated strut is that the spring nuts have a tendency to want to pop back into those perforations.

So what we can do is find a piece of duct strap, make sure it’s good and flexible. Install the duct strap into the strut. Then, when I install my spring nut, I can move it freely along the strut without worrying about it popping back into one of the perforations. Now this can stay in place while mounting my enclosure, or whatever we are mounting, to the strut. Once we are done and everything is installed, I just slide the duct strap back out.

Hopefully this job tip can help you out on the job site and can make life a little easier for you.

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