Introducing Jack Powell, the 2023 Apprentice of the Year for IBEW Hour Power. From a humble background on Maryland’s eastern shore, Jack’s journey to success wasn’t a straight path. Before joining the union, he spent years shucking oysters and working in restaurants. Transitioning from that lifestyle to the demanding schedule of an IBEW Apprentice was a challenge, and Jack initially failed in his first year.

However, fueled by determination to support his new family and prove his worth, Jack reapplied to the program. Now, he’s always punctual, prepared, and the first to lend a helping hand. Jack embodies sincerity, solidarity, and a relentless drive to succeed. As a passionate father, advocate, apprentice, and friend, he exemplifies the promising future of the IBEW.

Join us in congratulating Jack on his outstanding achievement and discover his inspiring story as the Apprentice of the Year in today’s video. Local 24 is truly fortunate to have him among their ranks!


Rhiannon Manzi

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