Congratulations to Richard Shine of IBEW Local 456, New Brunswick, New Jersey, on being named the IBEW Hour Power 2016 Instructor of the Year.

Shine has been lighting up the classroom for 49 years, even though he has been retired for 17. His love for the challenge of bringing new apprentices up to speed and his dedication to fostering positive relationships between his students keeps him going, and will keep him going for many years. Shine is a pillar of excellence for the IBEW and the many generations of electricians that he has taught over the years.

Congratulations on being named the 2016 Instructor of the Year, Richard! May this only be the start of well-deserved recognition and celebration for what you have done for the IBEW over the years. Thank you, brother!


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2016 Instructor of the Year

Our IBEW Hour Power 2016 Instructor of the Year is Richard Shine from IBEW Local 456, North Brunswick, New Jersey.

To many, teaching is a calling, a vocation. But when that dedication has been on display for more than 49 years – with no signs of slowing down – Richard’s award symbolizes merely a small token of our brotherhood’s appreciation for his efforts.

Richard Shine, Sr.: Instructor of the Year, IBEW Local 456

“I started as an electrician in 1961 and I finished my journeymanship in 1966 and I started teaching in 1968. I’ve been teaching every since. I retired in 2000 and I’ve been teaching 17 years since I retired.”

And what is it that Richard loves about teaching that keeps him going?

Richard Shine, Sr.: Instructor of the Year, IBEW Local 456

“I think it’s just the challenge. You get apprentices come through that are all green, they don’t know anything. They are counting on you to bring them to the point of excellence and that’s what I feel in my heart I’m trying to do.”

He does just that. With a style that’s as respected and appreciated today as it was many years ago.

Joseph Egan: Business Manager, IBEW Local 456

“He’s patient. In our business guys work all day to go to school at night and it’s not the easiest situation. He’s very patient and caring and students respect him for that.”

Wayne Martiak: Business Representative, Local 456

“Whenever I had a question as a new instructor I would go to Richie Shine. He was the leader of the pack. No one could help you more than Richie Shine.”

Dillon Maher: 1st Year Apprentice, IBEW Local 456

“He gets involved, he really helps you out. When you have a problem he really talks it through with you and makes sure you get. He really cares, he wants you to succeed.”

Eduardo Medina: 1st Year Apprentice, IBEW Local 456

“From my experience, him as a teacher, no one has ever been there for me like he is. Even After class, before class, he doesn’t talk to us like strangers. He’s like a father figure and is always there for us.”

Frank Leake: Assistant Business Manager, Local 456

“Richie Shine knows what it was like in the past and things keep changing and he knows both ends of the spectrum. The new and the old.”

Michael McClaughlin: President & Training Director, Local 456

“Mr. Shine is someone we can look at as an example on how we should live our lives. He’s determined. Anyone who has done any job since 1967 is determined. Mr. Shine is a guy who not only does his job every day but smiles when he does it and takes care of business.”

Richard has been married over 52 years to his wife Frances and they have three children together.

Richard Shine, Sr.: Instructor of the Year, IBEW Local 456

“I don’t know if I ever would have made it if I didn’t have the support of my wife. She’s been a number one support for myself. All the hours and all the struggles. Getting lessons prepared, grading homework she was always 100% there for me.” 

His wife says she sees firsthand the impact Richard has had, past and current students just light up when they see him.

Frances Shine, Richard’s Wife

“Some of the students that he had in the early days he is now teaching their grandchildren. Over the years you figure how many kids he taught, hundreds, we just see them every place we go. Mr. Shine you are the best teacher we have ever had. All time… It just makes me so proud.”

Kelly Consalvo: Richard Shine’s Daughter

“I am so proud of my dad, he is an amazing person. I think about all the people that he has touched in 49 years and he deserves this award.”

Kathleen Dailey: Richard Shine’s Daughter

“Very proud and very happy for him. He has worked very hard throughout the years. I know he put his heart and soul into teaching and that rubbed off on me because now I’m a teacher.

Richard Shine, Jr.: Richard’s son, Instructor, IBEW Local 456

“He’s very dedicated, dedicated to life to family and to people. He made life great and I’m a happy guy and that’s the training I’ve had since I was a kid, always be happy and treat people nice.”

And a letter from his granddaughter proves that he has an impact on even the youngest ones.

Frances Shine, Richard’s Wife

“You are always there to let me shine, you are always there to show me things like New York City, trips and giants games. Or just coming over to my house or me going over to yours. You always support me in whatever I do. You are like buzz light year, my hero who always saves the day! … And that is what describes him.”

Even after all of this, Richard isn’t stopping any time soon.

Joseph Egan: Business Manager, IBEW Local 456

“I think he will be an instructor as long as he is able, and we want him to be an instructor as long as he’s able.”

Richard Shine, Sr.: Instructor of the Year, IBEW Local 456

“Even now and I’m retired I’m all charged up! I can’t wait to get there you know. The apprentices know that. I say let’s go we gotta keep going, keep moving along here.

Congratulations to our 2016 Instructor of the Year, Richard Shine!


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