Klein Tools offers an innovative variety of durable attachments that are compatible with all Klein splinter guard rods. Their seven-piece attachment set includes a redesigned whisk, a Double-S hook, a bullet nose, a twin hook, single hook, and magnet and chain. They provide the right tool for any wire or fishing application.

The whisk has an updated and sleek design for maneuvering over and around obstacles. It includes a female connector to attach hooks or bullets for a complete solution.

The new Double-S hook is designed to grab wire or cable and secure it in difficult pulling applications. The bullet nose allows for easy pulling with the line attachment hole. A twin hook is included which is a grappling styling tool. It is designed for difficult wire retrievals. The included magnet attaches to the chain to retrieve wire and blind applications.

The attachments come in a hard, plastic storage container, which is durable enough to stand up to the rigors on the job. Always be prepared for any wire-pulling task with this 7-Piece Fish Rod Attachment Set by Klein Tools.



Lonnie Stephenson

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