The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance and the IBEW gave three longtime members the opportunity to have a hunt of a lifetime. Shawn Graves, IBEW local 1205, Shawn Phares, IBEW local 1516, and Scott Kirchoff, IBEW local 2150, were all featured on an episode of Brotherhood Outdoors, showcasing their once in a lifetime adventure. Hunting isn’t just what these men do, it’s a part of who they are, and the trips were truly well deserved.

With the help of the USA, the men chose their own unique hunting experiences, which included deer hunting, deep sea fishing, and bear hunting and took them across the U.S. and into Canada. The trips left each of the IBEW members memories and stories to share, all thanks to the USA and the IBEW.

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Kenny Cooper

IBEW International President Kenny Cooper has been working with the IBEW Hour Power team since he was appointed International President in 2023. President Cooper creates short videos entitled “President’s Message” to bring important announcements and inspirational messages right to your computer screen.

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