In this edition of IBEW Hour Power News Briefs, we take an inside look at the 2016 Construction & Maintenance ConferenceIBEW International President Lonnie Stephensonthat happened mid-April in our nation’s capital.

This News Brief will take you through conference. Starting with the Tree Trimmers meeting where they are developing new
training programs.

We also stop at the large assembly where we heard from
and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. President Stephenson called the IBEW members to action, asking “Where would you be without the IBEW?” and explaining that his efforts to keep the Code of Excellence at the core of our business development is working and will becontinued. AFL-CIO President Trumka was on fire, stating that “The future of America is not with Wall Street or the Washington elite, but with our towns, cities, and communities in which we work”.
And don’t forget about the 2015 IBEW Hour Power Awards winners! Their achievements are celebrated as well. This years winners, who will be getting their own feature stories posted to Hour Power in the following weeks, are:

2015 Instructor of the Year – Mike Iacobellis, Local 80HP Award Winners

2015 Journeyman Mentor of the Year – Winston Likert, Local 17

2015 Apprentice of the Year – Harry Hutchison, Local 252

Hour Power was also able to stop in to many of the breakout sessions; Business Development, the Electrical Training Alliance, Membership Development, and of course the Canadian Caucus.

On the final day of the conference, we all looked into the future. The keynote speaker at the 2016 Construction & Maintenance Conference didn’t disappoint. Connor Lokar from ITR Economics, wowed the room with his knowledge of the coming economic landscape, a future that looks good for the construction & maintenance trades.

Stay tuned to IBEW Hour Power as we will be rolling out the Award Winner videos in the coming weeks and well as a look into the C&M Owners Panel.


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