In this edition of Business Development News Brief, Local 712 of Pennsylvania, has been spearheading the electrical work on Shell’s colossal Pennsylvania Petrochemical Complex. This multi-face project is set to be complete in 2022 after nearly 6 years of construction. 

The Pennsylvania Petrochemical Complex sits on a whopping 780-acres on the banks of the Ohio River about 30-miles Northwest of Pittsburgh in Beaver County. Over the years, this massive project has created a tremendous amount of job opportunities – with the IBEW supplying over 1,600 skilled electrical workers at the job’s peak. IBEW Local 712 called on members within their own ranks as well as a healthy number of travelers from across North America – including over 300 Canadians. In addition, this project grew both the membership of IBEW Local 712 as well as the economy of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Setting meetings and growing the footprint of the IBEW, throughout all districts, so we can keep our men and women on the job… that’s the mission of the IBEW Business Development Department, on this job and others.


Rhiannon Manzi

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