Journal Square, once the heart of Jersey City, is undergoing a rebirth, thanks in part to Local 164 and the development of Journal Squared. This project has provided hundreds of jobs and revamped the local community. The developer behind Journal Squared is conscious of what the community needs, provides support for local small businesses to thrive, and incorporates nods to the historical past of this neighborhood within the building’s finishing touches. 

Journal Squared is a 3-building complex totaling 1,838 apartments, 50,000 feet of indoor amenity space, plus another 50,000 feet of outdoor amenity, retail, and parking space. It resides 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan.

The partnership between the IBEW and the National Real Estate Advisors is structured so National utilizes pension funds from the NEBF to reinvest in local communities, like Journal Squared, while simultaneously creating jobs for IBEW members. Learn more about Journal Squared and the partnership with National in today’s National Property Spotlight!


Rhiannon Manzi

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