Throughout its history one of the main objectives of the IBEW is to grow its membership – by engaging with local communities to create skilled electrical workers. These workers experience an increased sense of pride in their work as a local in their respective communities, and the IBEW encourages that sense of ownership in local projects. 

In an effort to expose more local community members to the trades, and to ensure that the best candidates are given a fair chance to succeed in the electrical industry, regardless of background, The IBEW-NECA electrical training ALLIANCE designed The Pre-Apprenticeship Program. This program is an extra tool for training centers from around the country to use in order to find the best apprentice candidates in their own backyard.

IBEW Local 553 and the Raleigh-Durham JATC have put in the sweat equity to get their own Pre-Apprentice Program rolling in their community, and they are seeing immediate returns as more women and minorities are coming through their doors.


Rhiannon Manzi

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