Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, Kenny Ortiz has always been surrounded by a family-oriented community. Just like he knows he can lean on his own family, he has found a second family to lean on and care for through the IBEW. Other’s describe Kenny as, “the definition of what a brother is, he’s the kind of guy that will stand up and give you the shirt off his back”. One of Kenny’s main goals as a mentor is to teach the new generation of IBEW electricians what it means to be a reliable brother or sister, not just by telling them but by showing them. 

Journeymen like Kenny are the lifeblood of the IBEW. As IBEW Local 611 continues to grow at a rapid rate, it is mentors like Kenny Ortiz teaching the younger members the ways of the IBEW. Kenny’s standards for his own work are set at the highest level. Having worked his tools as a journeyman wireman on countless jobs throughout his career, his work was noticed, and he has climbed the ranks to General Foreman on one of the biggest jobs in Albuquerque’s history. Experiences learned along the way are what make Kenny an inspiration to apprentices, a leader amongst journeymen, and an IBEW success story worth telling.

When Kenny was told he would be awarded the 2022 IBEW Hour Power Journeyman Mentor of the Year, he initially thought it was a joke, showing his true humility. He is honored to be recognized and is proud to be a part of the IBEW. The IBEW would not be the same without people like Kenny who truly care about the IBEW’s bottom line to provide better lives for our members. Congratulations to Kenny Ortiz, a brother and a mentor who helps make IBEW Local 611 what it is.


Rhiannon Manzi

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