Many IBEW brothers and sisters are passionate about the union, and our 2016 IBEW Hour Power Apprentice of the Year is no exception. Howard Revard may be the most passionate and active 4th Year Apprentice the IBEW has ever seen!

Ask any of his mentors or peers, Revard doesn’t just show up to work and leave when the job is done. Revard is constantly working with his peers to inspire them to get involved with the union, running for the school board in Saginaw in order to be a voice for unions in their town, starting up a RENEW chapter at his local, and leading the charge when it comes to giving back to the community. But Revard doesn’t think too much of it, it just comes naturally to him. His next big goal that he is working on? Getting his journeyman card!

Our guess is that this isn’t the last we will see of Howard Revard, big things are in store for this exceptional IBEW brother. Congratulations, brother!


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IBEW Hour Power 2016 Apprentice of the Year

Our 2016 Apprentice of the Year is Howard Revard, a 4th Year Apprentice from IBEW Local 557 in Saginaw, Michigan.

Howard joined the IBEW not long after graduating from college with a chemical process technology degree.

Howard Revard: Apprentice of the Year, 4th Year Apprentice Local 557

“I started applying for jobs with my degree but I couldn’t find anywhere to work. So I ended up applying for the apprenticeship here in Saginaw. I like that every day I get to do different things. There are a million different things you can learn. There’s always more information and technology and it’s a changing field. It’s expanding rapidly.”

Howard recalls the moment he found out he won this award. 

Howard Revard: Apprentice of the Year, 4th Year Apprentice Local 557

“When I received that email I read it and it was such a humbling an honoring sentence to read.”

Evan Allardyce: Business Manager, IBEW Local 557

“He wasn’t given this award, he has earned this award. He’s on top of everything that he does, all the activities, all the volunteering. He’s the class steward. He does everything that a journeyman does but yet he is only an apprentice.”

Howard is known for the countless hours he devotes to charity work.

Steven Lamb: AFL-CIO Community Service Liaison, United Way

“For the past couple of years Howard has been involved with project independence. A program where we build handicap ramps for individuals here in Saginaw County.”

Tony Bell: Nelson Electric

“He’s getting together a young workers group, he’s getting members involved in community outreach with parades and volunteer work, ramp builds. Food drives, he started one this Christmas as well as sponsoring a family which he started this Christmas.”

David H Small: Former Business Manager, IBEW Local 557

“He is the driving force to get a RENEW committee started here in Saginaw. He has had fundraising activities and got some seed money started and we now will get a charter for our renew program thanks to Howard.”

Evan Allardyce: Business Manager, IBEW Local 557

“It means the world to our local to have someone out there in the community that is heading up this charity work events. He will bring his entire apprenticeship class with him. They are doing things to help out people that are less fortunate.”

And on top of all of this…Howard recently ran for the school board. It didn’t end the way he wanted, but his passion still burns hot.

Howard Revard: Apprentice of the Year, 4th Year Apprentice Local 557

“We had lost a job here in Saginaw to out of town workers. I decided that I wanted to run for school board to help keep the work here. It’s my family and me paying taxes paying people that don’t live here. I felt it was upon me that if you want to make a change you have to step up for yourself and make that change.”

Rick Mason: Instructor, IBEW Local 557 JATC

“To have someone that is 26 years old that is running for office, trying to get on a school board and really help out our organization on the government end is HUGE.”

And when it comes to the jobsite, Howard is a great example of everything an apprentice should be.

Evan Allardyce: Business Manager, IBEW Local 557

“He’s a joy on the job, everybody would like to have him. I’ve had different contractors say if he’s off I’ll take him!”

Dan Alcock: Journeyman Electrician & Foreman, IBEW Local 557

“He’s very easy to have. You can tell him something and he’s off running with it. He gets the job done. When he’s done he’s confident with it. He can work with anybody so that’s a big asset.”

One of the continuing themes about Howard is, since day one, that he is someone he peers look up to.

Rick Mason: Instructor, IBEW Local 557 JATC

“One of the most interesting things about him is he really glues the class together. The anchor. Everyone looks to him for leadership. For someone who is so young in our organization, it’s like someone who has been there for years.”

Ben Small, Journeyman Electrician Local 557

“When he stands up and has an idea and does something, the other apprentices fall in line. He really brings everybody else up.”

As Howard graduates, it seems no matter which path he chooses…he’s set up for success.

Evan Allardyce: Business Manager, IBEW Local 557

“He’s just a great light that is being shined on this local and setting a great example for the apprentices and even the journeyman to go and do all the things that he has done. We are thrilled to death that we are going to have him for almost another 30 years here.”

Howard Revard: Apprentice of the Year, 4th Year Apprentice Local 557

“The next thing I want to do? Finish this apprenticeship and get my journeyman card. That is my next goal! After that I will see where my career takes me but first I want to finish.”

Howard wants to always be continuing to help out his community…and just as important, he says, spreading his passion about the union to apprentices to come.

Howard Revard: Apprentice of the Year, 4th Year Apprentice Local 557

“Don’t be afraid to do it. We need you. We need every single apprentice to stand up and fight for these unions! Help organize and be a key factor in your communities’ role in this whole country!”

Congratulations to our Apprentice of the Year, Howard Revard!


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