Alaska…the last frontier… is more than 660,000 square miles… most of which is uninhabited, extreme terrain. And every square inch is managed by the men and women of IBEW Local 1547, to ensure power remains uninterrupted.

Whether it’s construction or maintenance, inside or outside, the linemen, electricians and technicians of the state wide local have been trained to not only work safely, but to also be prepared for any and all conditions.

As part of these nimble programs, the Alaskan apprenticeship school developed a drone certification course to further show the value their linemen can offer contractors.

While learning how to properly turn the screws is an important part of working in the field, the apprentice school recognizes that it’s just as vital for their journeymen to be squared away between the ears.

Being prepared to work safely and accomplish any task or project, in any weather condition, the brothers and sisters of 1547 keep on in spite of the challenges.

That’s the Alaskan Way.


Rhiannon Manzi

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