Today, we show you a better way to mount boxes on hardwood. Traditionally, you would take your box, mark it, make sure it’s level and plumb and then make a pilot hole and use a sheet metal screw and twist it in. It’s not bad, but it’s time consuming and hard on the risk. This is a better way to accomplish the same thing, saving you time and wrist fatigue.

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Transcript – Job Tip: Easy Mount Boxes

Hi, I’m Jim Cianciolo, journeyman wireman from Local 124 in Kansas City. I’d like to show you a new and better way to mount boxes on hardwood. Our traditional way is to take your box, lay it out, mark it where it’s going to go, make sure it’s level and plumb and then take your scratch all, start some pilot hole and then use the sheetmetal screw and twist it in.

Now this is not too bad, but it’s time consuming, and it’s hard on the wrist. Let me show you a better way. So you’ve got your box, and utilize the new Milwaukee battery powered impact tool.

Isn’t that nice with a built in light. I hope that if you use the new Milwaukee impact driver it will be less strain on your wrist, you’ll be more productive in the field, you will mount boxes better and you’ll enjoy your job better.



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