Across all districts, the IBEW Business Development Department makes it their job to make sure our members continue to have them – projects large and small, in varying industries, supplying essential power to our communities and businesses.

During the News Brief we’re heading over to the 7th district where IBEW members in Texas are helping with a large Amazon project in Waco. Business Manager Craig Miller speaks highly of this project – “it’s no ordinary project for our team. There’s a lot of pressure because we, as a Local, have to provide manpower to meet deadlines.” Fortunately, with the Code of Excellence, IBEW members in Texas and beyond are prepared to meet the high customer service standard.

Take a deeper look at these projects in this edition of Business Development News Briefs. And a special thank you to our local leaders, business development departments, and YOU for tuning in.



Rhiannon Manzi

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