Congratulations to the 2018 IBEW Instructor of the Year, Ben White. Ben is from IBEW Local 570 from Tucson, Arizona where he works as a fifth year instructor. He’s described as someone who’s motivating, dedicated, and disciplined. He always strives for excellence and pushes others to be better.

Ben was hired at the Tucson JATC in 2007 to be an instructor. Karen King, Tucson JATC Training Director, said Ben puts so much time into making sure what he teaches will be understandable. He puts in his own time to make sure he’s always prepared. Ben becomes contagious because he leads by example.

Steven De La Rosa, Apprentice, IBEW Local 570, said, “He definitely pushes us to succeed and he doesn’t just give you the answers. He wants you to work through the answers, and he’s always giving you that little nudge. You’ve got to think everything through with him.”

Ben’s wife said not only is Ben working full-time as an instructor, but he’s also going to school for his engineering degree. He has two beautiful children, and he makes them a priority in his life by camping together and going on bike rides. He’s a very supportive family man.

Chuck Grube, Business Manager, IBEW Local 570, said, “Ben represents not only the Tucson Electric Joint Apprenticeship, but also 570. He promotes unionism. Everyday he’s meeting with apprentices and other instructors. His dedication to what he’s doing has been incredible. He has taken the curriculum from the Tucson Electrical Joint Training to a new level.”

Ben said giving back to the apprentices and this program is extremely important to him. If he needed anything, the journeymen and foremen were there for him. They answered his questions and trained him on their own time. That’s what the IBEW and JATC is all about.

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