Traffic Signal Training LabAl Davis

A traffic signal may seem commonplace just because we encounter them every single day, but they are of vital importance when it comes to our safety and how we travel. They are even more important in a booming, busy city with a LOT of street traffic such as Las Vegas!

The brothers and sisters of IBEW Local 357 in Las Vegas have a state of the art traffic signal training lab where they are able to learn, hands on, how to install and maintain traffic signals across the surrounding area.


To download this video, click here.


Matthew Walton

Matthew Walton is the host of IBEW Hour Power and has been with the program since its beginnings in 2007. As an IBEW Hour Power host and producer, Matthew travels across the United States and Canada visiting job sites, training centers, and union halls to tell the stories of the IBEW brothers and sisters that work so hard every day.

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