In this edition of IBEW Hour Power News Briefs, we get the chance to talk with the President of Klein Tools, a long-time IBEW partner and supporter, we also dive into the great things that the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus is doing for the community through the “National Day of Service”, and lastly we sit down with the director of Business Development about NTI and the important role of our JATCs.

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Transcript – Fall 2016 News BriefVic Lombardi

Hello, thanks for bring here and welcome to another edition of IBEW Hour Power News Brief. I’m Vic Lombardi.

Today on the program, we are talking to the President of Klein Tools about their huge two million dollar double down commitment to the IBEW.

Also, we talk about all the wonderful things that the electrical workers minority caucus is doing for its community through the “National Day of Service”.

Then we hear from the Director of Business Development about NTI and also touch on the role that the JATCs play in the overall attitude of the IBEW.

It all starts now.

News Brief Q3There is no doubt that when Klein Tools says they are dedicated to world-class training for IBEW electricians they mean it. The original pledge of one million dollars has supported IBEW training centers all across the country and now with this new pledge they are raising the bar and setting an even higher standard of excellence.

The money will be used for many things like tools, equipment, and educational support directly to local JATCs all across the USA. It also includes a $50,000 Klein Tools scholarship. Not only is it clear that Klein Tools partnership with the IBEW is for the long run but they also have a commitment to being American made.

Again, a big thanks to Klein Tools for supporting NECA training and education programs for the next five years with their two Klein Pledgemillion dollar pledge.

Giving back to the community is what the IBEW is all about. And to go even further with their commitment, the electrical workers minority caucus has created a day of volunteering across the nation.

This will be the second National Day of Service, last year being the first. There was over five thousand hours of community service done last year, and this upcoming November they hope to do even more than that. Especially with some extra help…

Deon MayesNational Day of Service is November 19, if you want to get your Local involved go to IBEW-EWMC.com, click on “Menu” then “Officers” to contact the executive committee member in the area closest to you.

Every year in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the National Training Institute event known as NTI and every year they offer educational and training opportunities to meet the demands of the electrical industry. The Director of Business Development tells us what the mission is this last go around.

Contractors have a role, the union has a role, but how does the electrical training contribute overall?Ray Kasmark

To get information on next years NTI event, you can go to NTI.NJATC.org.

That will do it for this edition of IBEW News Briefs. Do you have a story that you think should be included in our next edition? Send us an email at info@ibewhourpower.com. It may be included in our future News Briefs and if you like this video be sure to share it with a friend. Until next time, I’m Vic Lombardi.


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