The IBEW’s desire to grow the workforce and invest in the future was evident in the 2018 NECA Show and Convention in Philadelphia. More than 2,500 apprentices gathered to hear what it means to be a union electrician from IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson, NECA President David Long, and other industry leaders.

President Stephenson talked about the event and said he sees the future of the IBEW in the NECA contractors.

Stephenson said, “They’re looking not only at the future, but the diversity of the crowd. Everyone is inclusive and part of our group to work with and part of the IBEW.”

After the initial general session the apprentices went to the NECA trade show. They saw all the things that support the industry, from craftsmen to contractor to manufacturer.

The apprentices all agreed the experience and what they were able to experience was really beneficial. The event confirmed to thousands of apprentices that they’ve made the right career choice.

Tiffany Jensen, IBEW Local 35, said, “I feel like I have a good direction. I feel like I’m working towards a goal. It feels really good to know I’m working to build a life, a lifestyle, and a career.”

An apprentice from IBEW Local 269, Dennis Brophy, said he’s excited for his future because of the different routes available to him. He also recognizes the benefit that the field is still growing, so there’s a lot of work available.


Lonnie Stephenson

IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson has been working with the IBEW Hour Power team since he was elected International President in 2015. President Stephenson creates short videos entitled “President’s Message” to bring important announcements and inspirational messages right to your computer screen.

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