Thanks to the help of IBEW Business Development, the Mariner II East Pipeline, a 350 mile long project, is underway. The pipeline is being built from Ohio to Pennsylvania and when completed will transport natural gas liquids.

When asked what this job means to him, Michael Murphy from IBEW Local 654 said, “This job is everything to me. For someone who didn’t go to college, just came out of high school with not too much on the agenda, finding the IBEW was a lifesaver actually.”

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Mariner II East Pipeline

Here in Pennsylvania, you will find the Mariner II East Pipeline being built across the state. It will transport natural gas liquids from Ohio and the Pittsburgh area to its Marcus Hook facility in Delaware County. With the help of IBEW Business Development, the 350-mile long project was well accomplished.

Ed Hill Jr.: International Representative Business Development

“The IBEW’s business development’s department primary task is to reach out to owners and electrical construction users in all industries. Our goal is to help make sure they understand the value we bring to construction projects. With our 350,000 construction members and our more than 14 thousand electrical construction partners.”

It took getting ahead of the game and making it known to the owner early that the IBEW was well equipped to take it on.

Ed Hill Jr.: International Representative Business Development

“Back in 2014 the business development department reached out to Energy Transfer Partners about the mariner ii east pipeline and we offered to advocate for the project as well as secure contractors to bid the electrical portions of it.”

Coordination for a pipeline project that runs through several jurisdictions requires local unions throughout Pennsylvania to band together.

Ryan Helms: Business Manager, IBEW Local 743

“My involvement was mainly going to public meetings, DEP meetings myself and other building trades members and IBEW members went and spoke on behalf of Sunoco what the best interest of the pipeline would be. Not only us but for the state of Pennsylvania as well.”

Rob Bair: Business Manager, IBEW Local 143

“We attended a lot of the meetings, we did a lot of environmental impacts, attending a lot of the studies about the number of jobs that this could bring to Pennsylvania.”

Bill Adams: Business Agent, IBEW Local 654

“We discuss it a lot, we look at the investments that Energy Transfer Partners are making with the pipeline coming down in the Marcus Hook complex and we hope this is just the beginning.”

Business managers have been getting out of their comfort zone going above and beyond to advocate for the IBEW to be on the job.

Ryan Helms: Business Manager, IBEW Local 743

“We have been able to build a bridge where business and labor are working together on another level instead of just me as a laborer and working with our contractors. We want to step out of our normal boundaries and now we are working with the end user, the customer to help bring a project in.”

Everyone benefits, from owner to contractor to labor.

Michael Murphy: Journeyman, IBEW Local 654

“Today we are finishing the control wiring and the power wiring for the motorized control valves for the actual meters, getting the wires where they go, terminating them, getting the covers on the pipes and just finishing the last phase of the project. This job is everything to me, for someone that didn’t go to college and came out of high school without too much on the agenda finding the IBEW was a lifesaver. It allows me to live the life that my friends that went to four-year universities live. It’s retirement; it’s stability for someone like me who wouldn’t have had it that is living check it check. It’s like hitting the lottery for me is what I believe. A lot of work went into it getting here but I’m glad to be here and I’m so lucky I found the IBEW.”

Ed Hill Jr.: International Representative Business Development

“I would like to thank all the people that were involved in the support of this project across Pennsylvania IBEW local union 5, IBEW Local 143, Local 743 Ryan Helms and especially local 654 Bill Adams and Paul Mullen. These gentlemen and their offices and membership really came and talked positive about the project and it’s a lot of late hours, late nights but they did a really fine job and I would like to thank them for their effort.”


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