Klein Tools puts a lot of pride into the products they make. It’s not just the company name they put on their products, it’s their family name. Their customers are American people, who want American tools do their job.

Klein Tools knows electricians are the backbone of the American economy. They put a lot of pride into what they make. Their customers are American trades people, and Klein Tools knows they want American tools to do their job.

The Mansfield, Texas operations are the bulk of the American manufacturing that Klein Tools does. The facility is fast paced, high energy, and very organized. They have a talented group of people who run the machines and move material. When their employees make a pair of pliers, they want to make sure it’s the quality that electricians have come to know and trust.

Klein Tools is going to continue to be American Made because they understand the value their customers have in holding a pair of pliers that is made in the country. They want to make sure anything they put their name on is done well.

To learn more about Klein Tools American manufacturing, visit their website.


Kenny Cooper

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