Kent McNally

Looking for a hand friendly wire pulling tip? Look no further. Kent McNally of Local 405 shows you how to use your lineman to pull string, wire, jet line, and more to save your hands from stress and injury.

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Transcript – Job Tip: Hand Friendly Wire Pulling

Hi, my name is Kent McNally, I’m the Vice President of Local 405.

Today I am going to show you how I use my lineman to pull wire to reduce stress on the hands. I have noticed how a lot of people wrap the rope around their hands or around a piece of pipe, but what I like to do is pull out my lineman, wrap it around the wire a few times, pull, and continue on until I get that rope or wire or whatever I’m pulling to the point where I want it. It does save the hands, especially if you are working with jet line.

Use this tip and more to save yourself time, stress, and increase safety on the job!

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