Vic Lombardi

In this round up of the 4th quarter, we honor the legacy of Mark Ayers, former Building and Construction Trades President. Ayers passed in 2012, leaving behind a 38 year legacy as an IBEW member, including serving as the IBEW Construction and Maintenance President for 9 years. Thank you for your dedication to the IBEW, Mark Ayers.

We also get a tour of the new IBEW Local 405 training center in Cedar Rapids, IA. A shining example of what all training centers should look like.

Thanks for tuning in!

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Vic Lombardi

Vic Lombardi hosts the IBEW Hour Power News Briefs, short videos that cover industry conferences, special events, and even unique stories about individual IBEW brothers and sisters. Vic has been a member of the IBEW Hour Power team since 2009.

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