When an IBEW apprentice learns from a dedicated instructor, it makes an impact far beyond just the job site. The inspiration a great instructor can instill in an apprentice not only motivates that apprentice to become the best journeymen they can be, but it also encourages the apprentice to pass along industry knowledge and ethics to others. The IBEW takes great pride in their skilled apprentices working to improve their craft, and it all starts with the instructor. That’s why the electrical Training Alliance invites IBEW instructors from across the country to Ann Arbor to partake in the weeklong National Training Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


It’s one thing to be an expert on a subject matter, but it takes a developed skill to be able to teach subject matter. At NTI, IBEW instructors learn how to better connect with their apprentices through soft skills, which allows them to more effectively deliver course material. The week-long training course also provides ample opportunities for IBEW instructors to network with one another as well as mentors from across the country. Learn more about NTI and how it helps to train the next generation of industry instructors in today’s feature!


Rhiannon Manzi

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