The members of the IBEW are essential in providing reliable North American power. And as such, the IBEW makes sure that our members are taken care of when it’s time for them to hang up their hard hats in retirement. 

The National Electrical Benefit Fund is the pension plan for IBEW and NECA members, and it’s currently serving more than 624,800 individual participants. To ensure that our members get the best returns possible, the NEBF diversifies its investments with subsidiaries like National Real Estate Advisors, the program’s real estate investment arm. 

When ‘National’ invests in and develops a property, it not only creates jobs for the regional IBEW members, it also grows NEBF funds which, in turn, goes back to our retired members’ pension plans.

Bulfinch Crossing is a complex multi-use development that National Real Estate Advisors is using to jolt the surrounding Boston community along with putting members of IBEW Local 103 to work. 

By transforming an old, inconvenient parking garage into residential, office, and life sciences buildings in the hub of downtown Boston, the National Real Estate Advisors is creating a more open, vibrant area. This will be a place where thousands of people find a home and go to work everyday, and by fostering this vibrancy and adding life to the city of Boston, the IBEW is ultimately creating more projects and more opportunities going forward.


Rhiannon Manzi

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