The IBEW Business Development Department is hard at work everyday, with local leaders and customers to keep the jobs coming. Across the country, new work is exploding at a rapid rate. In this edition, we’re highlighting the work done in district three, five, and eight, as well as outside linework. 

In the third district, the American Dream Shopping Mall is finally a reality. It will have every store, restaurant, and shop imaginable, as well as an ice rink, theme park, and aquarium, and ski hill. A huge solar project was also created in the third district at Six Flags Great Adventure park in New Jersey. The IBEW provided the labor to install 40 acres of panels to make the park the world’s first solar powered amusement park. 

In the fifth district, business manager Paul Zulli helped Ordes Electric get on the bid list for PBF Energy’s Chalmette Refinery job. Ordes did the rest and landed the work. Another project the IBEW completed was restarting a hydrocracker unit that had been idle for nine years. The project involved well over 62,000 man hours and marked the first time the IBEW had been in this refinery in years. 

In the eighth district, the IBEW snatched a big job away from a non-union electrical shop at the Montage Hotel Resort in Big Sky, Montana. The $400 million project will take three years to complete, when the hotel is scheduled to open in 2021. 

The outside linework in the IBEW is a $500 million Gateway West transmission project in Wyoming. It will involve 190 miles, a 500Kv transmission line, 230 miles of 345 Kv rebuild and some new substations. It’ll keep 250 linemen busy for 20 months. 

It’s clear the IBEW is knocking on doors, setting meetings, building relationships, doing what we say we’re going to do. Thanks to our brothers and sisters from local 164, 400, 130, and 532, our local leaders, and the business development department who make it their business to increase yours. 



Kenny Cooper

IBEW International President Kenny Cooper has been working with the IBEW Hour Power team since he was appointed International President in 2023. President Cooper creates short videos entitled “President’s Message” to bring important announcements and inspirational messages right to your computer screen.

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