Once again, brothers and sisters from far and wide gathered for the annual IBEW Motorcycle Ride. This time in Williamsport,Matthew Walton Host PA.

More brothers and sisters signed up for this years ride than ever before, with 501 riders in total.

Each year, a charity to sponsor is chosen, this year all proceeds and fundraising efforts went to Dads Day for diabetes research. $15,000 was raised by the time the day was done. Great work, brothers and sisters!

Now…let’s start planning for next year!


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Transcript: 2016 IBEW Motorcycle Ride

This is the Genet hotel in Williamsport PA.

The IBEW wired this hotel in 1931.  Now 85 years later, it is serving as our headquarters for the annual IBEW Ride.

As riders gathered on the hot summer morning, more of them gathered than ever before.  This year we cracked the 500 mark, as 501 brothers and sisters signed up for the ride.

Before everyone headed out, a very busy International President Lonnie Stephenson made sure he took the time to travel to Williamsport to wish everyone well, even though he couldn’t go along.

Lonnie StephensonLonnie Stephenson: IBEW International President “I really enjoyed it last year seeing the brotherhood and it is just awesome. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go on the ride with you I will be leaving I need to back to DC and leave early in the morning to go to Philadelphia I wanted to stop and say hello and be safe out there.”

Then it was time to hit the road.

This year’s ride took up North of Williamsport making a big loop thru the hills & forests of Central Pennsylvania. The road & scenery never dies points and always changes a bit, but there always on constant – the good times and brotherhood of the IBEW.

Chuck OwensChuck Owens: IBEW Local 1393, Indianapolis IN “I think it is just the comradely with everybody, all the diff locals here from everywhere all over diff states just meeting everybody having a great time with everybody.”

Steve Johnson: IBEW Local 26, Washington DC “Just as far as you can see forward and backwards everyone wearing the same patch everyone going down the road to getter and it was like that as far as I could see in front of me and as far as I could see behind me.”

Rick Dulski: IBEW Local 5 “Oh, I love it.  It’s the people that I love too all the guy from all over the country all our brothers and stuff, it’ s a great time lot of laughs good times and all the rides are just beautiful.”

Wanda Prue: IBEW International “You have got to come if you only come just one time come and you see how awesomeWanda Prue it is and how many bikes it is you get to meet people.”

“I’m Laurie Steward from Boston. Bill Dannel Local 103 Boston 4th year in a row coming on the ride it is a good time every year.”

George Barrass: IBEW Local 3, New York “This has been a great ride, it is good to see the brothers, glad to see that it is getting bigger every year. Good day!”

James Burgham: IBEW Local 64 Youngstown “Its great and it gets better every year. The members turn out. It is great seeing people come out year after year.”

Norm Hebert: IBEW Local 42 Manchester “Bring more people next year. They need to come out here and see it.  I’m not sure where the ride will be but I will be there.”

Fred Sharp Jr.: IBEW Local 42 Manchester “Loving it, my wife came out with me and we are meeting new brothers. Fred Sharp Jr.Good times.”

Having a good time is fun but raising money for a good cause makes this a meaningful ride as well. This year the IBEW Ride raise around ten thousand dollars for DADs Day and Diabetes Research.

Kevin Littell: IBEW Local 26 “It means a lot.  Every year we get to help a different group of people …he was pretty thankful about it too.”

Steve Knobel: IBEW Local 1600 “I’m a diabetic myself; it does good and I don’t think people realize what good the unions of in the community… I love donating and I love the cause.”Norm Hebert

As the riders headed back to Williamsport another successful record breaking IBEW ride was in the books.

And the engines weren’t even cool before the conversation began on next years ride.

Norm Hebert: IBEW Local 42 Manchester “Bring more people next year. They have got to come out here and see it.  I’m not sure where the ride will be but I will be there.”

For IBEW Hour Power, I’m Matthew Walton.


Lonnie Stephenson

IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson has been working with the IBEW Hour Power team since he was elected International President in 2015. President Stephenson creates short videos entitled “President’s Message” to bring important announcements and inspirational messages right to your computer screen.

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