Check out the new L.H. Dottie Company Tip-Bit, three fluted design. This particular model allows for easy replacement of the tip, faster cutting and hogging, and a longer shelf life.

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Transcript – L.H. Dottie Tip-Bit

Hello, I’m Glenn Morgan from L.H. Dottie Company.

Today we are going to discuss and present to you our brand new Tip-Bits.

This is our three-fluted design, what always wears out with the conventional style step-bit is the fact that the tip wears out first. Then, of course, you have the task of replacing it and it may cost you a lot of money. With the L.H. Dottie Tip-Bit, all you have to do is remove the tip.

The three-fluted design on this step-bit and tip-bit is to remove a larger amount of material in a shorter amount of time; this means faster cutting and hogging. The finish on it gives you a long life.

This particular set here has two different tip bits included in it as well as a replacement bit. This is valued at about $130 at trade, the tip-bits themselves are set up at 2 tip-bits for about $30, amounting to $15 a tip. This is a great deal in comparison to replacing a whole step-bit.


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